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Tubular reel Bagging Systems

Tubular Reel Bagging Systems:

Tubular reel bagging machines, FFS, are fully automatic systems that form, fill and seal (Form-Filling-Sealing) the bags that are obtained from a tubular reel of thermoplastic material.

The tubular reel bagging machines are equipped with 3 operational stations:

  1. to form the bottom of the bag and cut the film to the desired length,
  2. to fill the bags and
  3. to seal the mouth.

The operational phases and the change of operating parameters of the tubular reel bagging machine are assisted by PLC and are carried out in a very short time without the intervention of the operator.

The innovative FFS models:

  • FFS-E,
  • FORZA and

are very versatile because they can work with flat or gusseted reels, of different widths and materials, both in PE and PP.

Its small and compact size is ideal for any existing productive environment.

The four FFS models can be designed to work with aggressive and corrosive products, with a structure entirely in stainless steel.

All FFS models have inspection doors and protective devices in accordance with current regulations.

Optional tubular reel bagging machines:

  • Probe device for the evacuation of air between the product and the sealing of the mouth.
  • Device for introducing inert gases into the bag before closing the mouth.
  • Device for cleaning the edges of the bag with suction bell for powdered products.
  • U-bolt sealing device at the mouth of the bag.
  • Possibility of obtaining the handle in the sac formation phase.
  • Servo-assisted system for changing the reel.
  • Sealed at 45º for bottom and mouth angles in gusseted bags.
  • Machine displacement device for connecting multiple mouths (silos) and working with products with different characteristics.
  • Printing of alphanumeric characters on one or both sides of the tube.
  • Manufacture of the whole machine in stainless steel.
  • Paint structure with epoxy cycle.

The most common sectors of tubular bagging are:


Modelo Dimensiones mínimas de saco (mm) Dimensiones máximas de saco (mm) Potencia instalada (Kw) Presión aire (bar) Producción (sacos/hora)
CONTINUA 320×550 420×1.000 18 6 De 600 a 1.800 (*)
FFS-E 320×550 420×1.000 18 6 2.000 (*)
FORZA 2600 320x550 420x1.000 35 6 2.600 (*)
CONTINUA 6 ESTACIONES 320x550 420x1.000 18 6 De 200 a 800 (*)
(*) En función del producto y formato.