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Robotic palletisers

Palletisation with total flexibility within tight spaces.

  • Picking heads depending on the type of bag to be handled and the production required.
  • Possibility of automation with different peripherals:
    • Picking head and empty pallets positioning
    • Automatic pallet magazine
    • Evacuation rollers and pallet stacking
  • Simplified layer adjustment using touch screen via specific palletizing software.
  • PCL/Ethernet communication.
  • Reduced maintenance and energy consumption.

Robotic Palletizers Accessories

  • Picking Head and Empty pallets positioning.
  • Automatic pallet magazine
  • Rollers for pallet stacking and evacuation
  • Cardboard applicator on pallet base

Sectors for Robotic Palletizer

Some of the videos with Robotic Palletizer installation that you can watch are:

You will find more news about Palletizers on our Youtube channel.

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