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Complete line miling

Boga Técnica, specialists in the implementation of automatic bagging lines.

At Boga Técnica we work in collaboration with well-known manufacturers specialized in the different bagging and palletizing technologies.

Our experience and knowledge of the different sectors allows us to advise our customers in the definition of bagging systems best suited to their production needs.

We take care of the installation and commissioning of the bagging and palletizing lines as well as the maintenance and updating of the machines that compose them.

Some of our references in leading companies

BOGA TECNICA is the strategic partner that accompanies, advises and trains its customers in the control and management of their automatic bagging and palletizing processes, guaranteeing the reliability, availability and efficiency of their lines, trying always to extend the life cycle of the machines by optimizing their costs.

Orientation and Customer Service

In all the services of technical advice, installation, start-up and after-sales, solutions and responses with a greater value are provided with a close treatment of confidence and fast to any incident.

Relations with suppliers

Close collaboration with suppliers integrating them into our value chain in a win-win, and collaborating jointly in the orientation to the market.


Being predisposed and able to adapt solutions/products efficiently to changing demands and circumstances, showing us open to new ideas and methods.


Continuous alert and monitoring of the movements of the sector/clients, search of novelties, driving innovation and continuous improvement in the collaborators/ clients/ suppliers.

Fidelity and Trust

Maintain loyalty to customers/suppliers/collaborators, with a transparent and trusting relationship, and a close confiance with a mutual understanding.


Encourage collaboration and communication with colleagues/suppliers/collaborators to achieve the objectives we pursue, through support, respect and good understanding at all times.

Specialists in the implementation of automatic bagging lines.

We carry out installations and maintenance of automatic lines in different sectors that support the quality of our products and services.

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Polígono Soroxarta Burniola 1,
Edificio circular 1ª
20301 Irún (Spain)
+34 943 66 76 07