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Open mouth

Open Mouth Bagging Facility:

Fully automatic bagging system, specific to fill and close preformed open mouth bags.

Main features of the open mouth baggers facilities:

  • Multi-format: The same machine can work with different format sizes by making a fully automatic PLC assisted program change in 90 sec. without the intervention of the operator (from 2 to 50 kg).
  • Flexible: can work with bags of different types of material (paper, PE, plasticized or non-plasticized raffia, complexes, etc…; with or without gusset; with or without bottom; with or without handle) including one or several types of closure in the installation in later stations (single seam, stitched with edging, stitched with adhesive edging, welding, pinch-top, etc).
  • Multifunction: Starpack model for high-speed packaging of granular products in open mouth bags and with FFS reel.

Open Mouth Bagging Machines Sectors:

Open Mouth Bagging Machines Accessories:

  • Labelling machines,
  • Vibration and deaeration system,
  • Modified atmospheres,
  • Easy clean,
  • ATEX…

Different dosing systems according to the products: net or gross weight, with belt feeding systems (with cleaning system), vibrating gravity, screw, turbine, etc.

Some of the videos with Open Mouth Bagging machine that you can watch on our youtube channel are:

You can watch on our Youtube channel, a multi-format open mouth bagger with different types of closure.


Modelo Anchura mínimas saco (mm) Longitud máximas saco (mm) Profundida de fuelles (mm) Potencia Instalada (Kw) Producción (sacos/hora)
IPF 25/40 150-320 300-600 30-70 12 Hasta 2.400 (*)
IPF 25/40 150-320 300-600 30-70 12 Hasta 1.800 (*)
IPF 25/40 250-450 550-1.000 50-70 14 600-1.200 (*)
IPF 25/40 250-450 550-1.000 50-70 18 Hasta 1.200 (*)
IPF 25/40 320-420 600-1.000 40-70 14 Hasta 1.200 (*)
(*) En función del producto, formato y tipo de cierre.