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Open mouth

Fully automated bagging system, specifically designed for filling and closing pre-formed open mouthed bags.

Main characteristics:

Multi-format: the same machine can work with different format sizes, making a program change assisted by a fully automatic PLC in 90 sec without any operator intervention (from 2 Kg up to 50 Kg).

Flexible: it can work with bags made of different types of material (paper, PE, raffia with or without a plastic coating, complexes, etc.; with or without gussets; with or without a bottom; with or without a handle) including one or more types of seal at the subsequent stations (single seam, seam with edging, seam with adhesive edging, soldering, pinch-top, etc.)

Multifunction: Starpack model for high speed packing of grain products in open sacks and with FFS reel.

Products for bagging: pet food, flour, feed, correction feed, chemical products, fertilisers, salt, sugar, food additives, etc.

Accessories: labellers, vibration and de-aeration system, modified atmospheres, easy clean, ATEX…

Different dosing systems depending on the products: net or gross weight, with feed systems by means of a conveyor (with cleaning system), vibro gravity separator, screw conveyor, turbine, etc.


Modelo Anchura mínimas saco (mm) Longitud máximas saco (mm) Profundida de fuelles (mm) Potencia Instalada (Kw) Producción (sacos/hora)
IPF 25/40 150-320 300-600 30-70 12 Hasta 2.400 (*)
IPF 25/40 150-320 300-600 30-70 12 Hasta 1.800 (*)
IPF 25/40 250-450 550-1.000 50-70 14 600-1.200 (*)
IPF 25/40 250-450 550-1.000 50-70 18 Hasta 1.200 (*)
IPF 25/40 320-420 600-1.000 40-70 14 Hasta 1.200 (*)
(*) En función del producto, formato y tipo de cierre.