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Boga Solutions

Boga Técnica offers for all the machining of the bagging line a technical service, formed by professionals of the sector, that at all times will help and advise

Boga solutions

Spare parts

We provide clients with the necessary spare parts during the useful life of the machines with fast shipment.

Telephone customer service

We offer telephone customer service to respond to initial questions regarding a technical fault in the installation and to be able to return the equipment to full operation.

Remote service

Through this system, we can connect via modem to the machine program to be able to see any potential faults or modify a software parameter.

Maintenance contracts

Clients may contract scheduled maintenance carried out by specialist experts from the company.

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Polígono Soroxarta Burniola 1,
Edificio circular 1ª
20301 Irún (Spain)
+34 943 66 76 07