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Ingredients, premixtures and additives

The sector of ingredients, premixtures and additives is characterized by working with very powdery products.

The main requirements for packaging facilities in the ingredients, premixtures and additives sector are summarized in:

  • Reduction of cross-contamination between products.
  • Maximum tightness to dust emission.
  • De-aerated product regardless of its degree of fluidification.
  • Bags perfectly sealed.
  • Maximum traceability throughout the bagging cycle.
  • Accuracy in weight.

Specific adaptations are as follows:

  • ATEX,
  • food certification,
  • ZIP cleaning, Easy-Clean, mirror polishing of contact surfaces, etc.

Depending on the products and the packaging format, the most common facilities to Boga Tecnica are:

We leave also, link to our youtube channel with videos of Palletizer, bagging machine and Wrapper machine installations for the sector of Ingredients, Premixtures and Additives:

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