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Press and bagging solutions for the Biomass sector include:

  1. wood pellets
  2. wood chip and straw as animal litter
  3. Corn silage, oats, hay, raygrass… as animal feed.

The wood pellet, Biomass sector, is a fuel that comes from natural products and wastes that is used as an energy source.

Starting from the forest mass of the logs and after a process of debarking, chipping, drying, granulating, cooling and screening, industrial or domestic wood pellets are manufactured.

The automation of the wood reduction lines as well as the pellet bagging lines require robust and reliable machinery to guarantee the productivity of the companies in the sector. They are lines made up of:

  1. foil baggers,
  2. conventional palletizers and
  3. stretch hood machine.

We also leave, link about Palletizer, Stretch Hood, Bagging and Wrapping machines facilities for the biomass sector:

  1. Conventional palletizer for biomass sector.
  2. Stretch hood machine for Biomass sector.
  3. Laminar reel Bagging Machine with Conventional Palletizer and Stretch hood Machine for Biomass.
  4. For Biomass Sector, Laminar reel Bagging machine, Conventional Palletizer and Wrapping machine.
  5. Press Bagging machine, Biomass sector.
  6. Conventional palletizer with laminar reel bagger and wrapper machine in the Biomass sector.
  7. Biomass Sector Press Bagging machine.
  8. Wrapper machine, Laminar Reel Bagging machine and Conventional Palletizer all for Biomass sector.
  9. Wood Chip Production, a Bagging Press.

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