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Packing – balers for a wide range of products

The main features of the Automatic packing-balers facilities:

  • Weights from 1 to 30 Kg.
  • Production of 2 to 6 bales/minute.
  • Different types of compression depending on the product to be compressed: wood chips, sawdust, paper cellulose, rock wool, fiberglass, straw, hay, corn silage, compost, peat, etc …
  • Compression chamber volume 300 to 800 liters with ground clamping.
  • Hydraulic unit dimensioned according to the compressive force to be performed depending on the product.
  • 1 to 3 compression pistons.
  • Conflicting output tapes
  • Single point aspiration socket.
  • Electronic Weigher / Volumetric Dispenser

Sectors for Packing-balers are:

Videos with Packing-balers

Some of the videos with Packing-balers that you can watch on our YouTube channel are:

You can watch more video installations on our YouTube channel.

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