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Flour for bakeries and patisserie, etc.

The flour sector is experiencing the revolution of abandoning the current valve bags for “hermetic” open mouth bags, which involves the installation of Open Mouth.

The way of working with the flour sector is characterized by:

  • very powdery,
  • highly fluidized and
  • low specific weight

These characteristics of the flour sector, are mainly summarized in installations of Open Mouth Bagging that take into account:

  • Forced dosing and filling, with a safe and fast system that minimizes the level of residual air inside the product.
  • Product deaeration by probe or vibration, compaction system to reduce product volume in the bag before closing the bag.
  • Possibility to install one or more locking systems.
  • Versatility formats (from 5 to 50 Kg.)

We leave, in addition, link on palletizing of the flours sector installations

  1. Conventional palletizer, palletizer for the flour sector installation
  2. Wrapper machine and robot palletizer for the flour sector.

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