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Stretch Hood Starstretch FB 4.0 in BOGA Tecnica


After many years of experience, working together with the most prominent clients of the industry, it has become possible for Bocedi / Boga Técnica to offer end-of-line bagging solutions:


With high performance for the entire segment of this market.


The new Bocedi STARSTRETCH FB4.0 is the most innovative solution for the end of line of the bagging systems, an all-inclusive thanks to the experience accumulated by Bocedi for many years.

The STARSTRETCH FB4.0 offers several updated options, and is directly connected to the company’s software with a new intelligent HMI.

The STARSTRETCH FB4.0 is able to cover different load sizes with a single type of stretch film that operates at a speed of more than 250 pallets per hour.

With the innovative patented head-down system, STARSTRETCH FB4.0 manages to perform any operation or maintenance service at ground level.

Stretch Hood Technology

Stretch Hood technology applied to bagged products is the solution to obtain a stable, waterproof and compact load.

Stretch Hooding technology is suitable for all packaged products, including those heat sensitive materials. Keeps the load safe and adds a strong protective plastic layer to avoid contact with other materials during transport or storage.

In this link, you can see how the STARSTRETCH FB 4.0 strech hood works.

Any doubt or questions you might have about Bocedi STARSTRETCH FB4.0 and / or Stretch Hood technology, get in touch with us and our consultants and technical team will solve immediately and will advise you on the best for your facilities.

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