Boga Tecnica during COVID-19 with the considered basic necessities sectors

In a short time, the coronavirus has had a great global impact and has generated a logical feeling of uncertainty for all of us in various areas of our lives.

It has not been less in the economic and labor issue, which according to analysts, a hard and slow recovery is expected.

But this phenomenon has also allowed us to see a totally supportive society in many aspects, such as the fabrication of Personal Protection Equipment for healthcare people who fight this global pandemic on the front line or the support for the elderly who live alone in residences or in their homes.

From Boga Técnica we have continued working with the same enthusiasm as before to be able to provide technical support to all our clients who have continued to produce in their respective plants.

Precisely at this time, the clients with whom we work at Boga Técnica are a fundamental pillar and it is worth giving even more value to their daily activities.

At Boga Técnica we work with clients who manufacture:

  • compound livestock feed,
  • manufacturers of oat flakes,
  • seed and cereal manufacturers,
  • flour manufacturers for bakery and pastry shops,
  • breadcrumb makers,
  • manufacturers of frozen vegetables,
  • yeast makers

and other countless products of the food chain that are the livelihood of the population and that more than ever are redoubling efforts so that we do not lack any type of supply.

From Boga Técnica we want to give our sincere thanks and a lot of encouragement !!