BIG BAG filling installation fot fertilizers

The vast majority of fertilizer producers work in a very specific and defined annual period.

These producers demand bagging lines capable of absorbing all production in the shortest possible time and in the same way they demand Big Bag filling facilities.

From Boga Técnica and together with our supplier Concetti, we wanted to give a technical response to this demand from fertilizer producers and we have introduced two models of Big Bag installations of high productions into the market.

The two models of Big Bag installations of high production that we present to you are the most demanded today, they have been created after analyzing all the needs of the bagging lines from our different clients as well as the BIG BAG filling facilities

  • NET B / G filling model:

The Big Bag filling model, NET B / G is capable of filling 120 Big Bag / hour in 500-600kg with only 2 operators.

  • NET / G “Super Fast” filling model:

The Big Bag, NET / G filling model is capable of filling 180 Big Bag / hour in 500-600kg with only 1 operator and, in addition, it automatically closes the Big Bag’s mouth by welding.

The entire installation of the Big Bag NET / G filling model is made of stainless steel and washable with water to prevent corrosion of aggressive products such as fertilizers.

Therefore, speed and robustness are the main characteristics of these Big Bag filling installations.

The first of the NET B / G filling models is already in operation in companies such as: COMPO EXPERT (Castellón) and SEVITRADE (Sevilla)

The second of the NET / G “Super Fast” filling models is in operation at the YARA company in Italy.

You can watch the video of the installation of Sevitrade in this link.

If you need advice, on which installation is suitable for your facilities, do not hesitate to contact us, we will help you make the right decision for your productions.