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Push Layer palletizers


Push Layer Palletizers are equipment that form rows based on a pre-established mosaic and where each layer, is compacted between four motorized stops.

Push Layer palletizers

Productions can reach up to 2,000 bags/hour according to formats.

Depending on the type of product and production required, palletizers can be equipped as follows:

Gravity Roller Bag Press, double band or square rollers.
One, two bag swivel or even bag swivel.
Cardboard feeder at the base of the pallet or between heights.
Device for working half pallets.
And other accessories such as motorized curves, turntables for pallets or chain roller exchangers…

Push Layer palletizers

Innovation in Palletizers

As an innovative element in our palletizers is the possibility of palletizing inside a drawer with motorized walls to be able to compact so that the load would never protrudes from the predefined dimensions.

This option is highly recommended for the pallets transport in containers and for storage in smart warehouses where it is essential not to exceed the pallet dimensions.

Sectors for Push Layer Palletizers:

This type of palletizer adapts perfectly to sectors such as:

food flours,
building materials,
salt chemicals ,
cereals and seeds,
compound feedingstuffs,
wood pellets and many others.

Push Layer palletizers

Palletizers Advantages

The execution for aggressive products such as fertilizers, salt or chemicals is one of our standards and has the following strengths:

Surfaces in contact with the bag: rubber tapes, PVC or polypropylene sheets plastic material

Lateral handrails for the bags compaction, pushers and guides in stainless steel as well as the chassis of the conveyor belts

All electrical and mechanical material such as guides and bearings are anti-corrosion.

Roller conveyor with cataphoresis treatment

Pneumatic Cylinders and Stainless Rod for R3 Protection

Stainless steel motors and gearboxes with KS+OS protection

Electrical cabinet in stainless steel with a fan inside

The versatility is another favourable point of these machines as they can cover a wide range of bag sizes as well as different pallet sizes with fully automatic changes without operator intervention.

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