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High-Production BAGGING LINE


Boga Técnica installs the fastest bagging line in the pellet sector.

Important customer producer of wood pellets in France has trusted Boga Técnica to implement a high-capacity bagging line, specifically:

“the most productive line working so far in the sector”.

During the initial project, the client discussed the nominal capacity of the line he wanted to acquire based on the times of input of raw material, drying, crushing, granulation and silo storage, as it all relates to the co-generation that has been mounted in parallel.

Finally, the plant was designed so that the bagging line worked at a yield of 1,500 bags/hour in the format of 15Kg for 24 hours 5 days a week, that is 22.5 Tn/hour.

To Boga Técnica, was clear since the beginning that the right bagging machine to achieve the performance requested by the customer was the FPK84 model.

The FPK84 bagging machine.


Flow Pack bagging machine with horizontal clamp in motion along with the product discharge. By this operation there is no dead time between product dosing, discharge and bag closure.

In order to achieve these productive values, plastic plays a fundamental role. It is necessary a plastic of good quality and composition so that it has a quick weldability and cooling.

It should be noted that thanks to the experience that BOGA TECNICA has, it can recommend to work with 75 microns thicknesses reels which makes the cost of the plastic to the customer more competitive.

The line of high productivity, for this customer of the pellets sector, is completed with:

PG-150 Thrust Layer Palletizerand
with a rotating pallet wrapper and
two PE foil applicators, one at the base of the pallet and the other at the top to protect the bags from moisture and rain.

If you want to consider a future line of bagging or palletizing for your facilities, do not hesitate to contact us, we will study your case and we will propose the best technical solution.

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