New Bagging Machine model I-FLEX

Customers are increasingly demanding testing systems that are as versatile and flexible as possible to meet the requirements of new products, new formats and new bags, without losing production performance.

We, Boga Técnica together with our machinery supplier Concetti, have always been clear about this point and to date has been a major objective in the proposed packaging systems, as an example is the pet food sector.

The same was true for the compound feedingstuffs sector, where it has traditionally been packed in 40kg but many of the customers were moving to the 25 kg and even the 10kg format.

For this purpose, Boga Técnica in company of Concetti, has developed the bagging model I-Flex.

Ensacadora Modelo IFELX - Boga técnica

Advantages of the I-FLEX Model

The acronym I-FLEX comes from “Infinite Flexibility”, which indicates the great flexibility and potential of the bagging machine.

This bagger, it is born to work:

  1. with a fully automatic format change,
  2. a very wide range of preformed bags with varying width from 250 to 600 mm,

offers countless possibilities to manage differents types and closures of paper and raffia bags on a single machine.

The new I-FLEX model, fully automatic, is part of the series of IGF Concetti, machines already present in the market for their great reliability and efficiency, all of them predisposed to be “Industry 4.0”.

  • This type of bagging machine is designed for producers looking for advantages such as:
  • good flow bulk materials,
  • frequent packaging changes,
  • small spaces and
  • need to obtain the greatest versatility in the same machine.

A purebred horse, reliable, universal and indestructible.

Ensacadora Modelo IFELX - Boga técnica

The I-FLEX bagging machine has been assembled in the company COPASA, manufacturers of food for livestock, from Salamanca.

If you need advice, to know the bagger that will give you the best results in your facilities, contact us.