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Big bag bagger, palletized and over-packaging for seed sector


Boga Técnica together with its suppliers Concetti, Marfil Paletizadores y Unitech, supplied a line of bagging, palletizing and over-packaging for paper and raffia in 25 and 40 kg of seeds bags for the Magaz de Pisuerga plant.

The Magaz Pisuerga plant is the production center of Agropal High Yield Seeds

A High Yield Seed Production Center has to be equipped with the latest processing technology, with the following main features:

Separating clean grains from contaminated grains by a colour sorter
In the treatment of the seed, to be able to apply fungicides, insecticides, micro-nutrients and bio-stimulators so that the plant has since its nascence the necessary resources for an optimal development.
And this is what AGROPAL has in its plant in Magaz Pisuerga

Agropal is a cooperative with headquarters in Palencia with 8,000 members, closely linked to the cereal industry, has 35 warehouses distributed throughout the provinces of Palencia, Valladolid, Zamora, León and Salamanca.

Its activities include fertilizers, feed, dairy, phytosanitary and seeds.


One of the novelties related with packaging and transport of Agropal, has been the way of filling of the Big Bag

To be able to respond to the customer’s need, Boga Técnica has proposed to Agropal a versatile installation.

Finally, Agropal approved Boga Técnica the Big Bag filling system, a versatile installation where the customer has the possibility to lift up to 3 Big Bags of 500 kg, 2 of 750 kg or 1 up to 1,500kg.

In this video of our Youtube channel you can see the operation of the installation of the Line of bagging, palletizing and over-packaging for seeds sector

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