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Big Bag installation for pellets


The wood pellet market in Spain looks as though it is finally finding its place and it is now a real, clean energy alternative to fuel and gas since consumption is increasing year after year.

As a result, new plants to be used in the future are being designed. Some are already in use, whilst others are increasing their production capacity.

This is the case of our clients, Hijos de Tomas Martín (BURPELLET) and NAPARPELLET. Both have complete Boga Técnica bagging lines which have recently had new granulators, hammer mills, drying systems, etc. added to them. Burpellet has thus become the factory with the largest production capacity in Spain, reaching a total of 65,000 tons/year of ENplus A1 pellets.

Companies which are about to begin production include COTERRAM GENERACIÓN (León), PALETS MARTORELL (Girona) and PROBIOAMASSA (Barcelona). In the case of the first two, Boga Tecnica will supply two twin FPK44 bagging lines with a belt weigher, Big Bag, high-level layer and wrapping palletiser. One will have a hermetic wrapping machine whilst the other will have a sleeving machine. In the case of Probimassa, as well as the FPK44 bagging machine, we also supplied a Fuji EC-61 robot palletiser with a production capacity of 600 bags/hour.

Big Bag installation for pellets


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