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Bagging machines UP EVO for flour sector


The change from the traditional valve bag to a bag which can be given an airtight seal is now a fact within the flour sector. Packaging of this kind ensure there is no contamination due to foreign bodies.

This, and the increasing demand for versatile facilities in order to be able to easily produce various formats, led us to bringing a series of UP EVO bagging machines onto the market.

The first flour mill to adopt this innovative systems is HARIVASA (Noain, Navarra, Spain). The company previously worked with valve bagging machines but these have been replaced with UPD-EVO open-mouth bagging machines (2 mouths). These are suitable for bagging flour in 5, 10, 25 and 40 kg size bags and the machines have a double net weighers with a turbine feeding system.

The pinch-top seal incorporated into the machine means that airtight bags can be made in large formats whilst maintaining a prism shape which is very similar to the old valve bags.

In the small sizes in which the bags have a handle, a weld ensures an airtight seal.

Yield is up to 800 bags/hour across all sizes.

Bagging machines UP EVO for flour sector

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