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Line of packaging for flours


Our client, HARIVASA, has designed and built a new factory for the production of oatmeal, flour and oat bran, other cereals flakes and breakfast mueslis. This facility is an addition to the existing well-known wheat flour factory.

The name of the new company is HARIVENASA.

Bulher was responsible for supplying the entire plant except the packaging line which was supplied in its entirety by Boga Técnica.

It is a multi-format line since it packages formats from 5 to 25 kg in open mouth bags with a pinch-top seal.

The FUJI EC-201 robot palletiser is designed with a multiple pincer and it can collect both bags and boxes at the same time without affecting production, as well as positioning the cardboard base.

The process also includes a metal detector and weight controller, as well as automated labelling for finished pallets.

Line of packaging for flours

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