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3 FEED & FOOD, bagging line for correctors


Automatic bagging and palletizing line

3 FEED & FOOD bagging line for correctors

The company 3 Feed & Food of Getafe, has designed and built a plant to manufacture vitamin correctors for animal feed.

BogaTécnica has been in charge of supplying the automatic bagging and palletizing line for the products of the company 3 Feed & Food.

The line which Bogatécnica has supplied, consists of a screw-fed weigher, a flat-coil bagging machine model FPK26 , a bag-press rotator and gantry palletizing robot.

All the parts of the line that are in contact with the product in both the weighing machine and the bagging machine have been made of stainless steel. 316.

Likewise, to avoid cross-contamination of materials, all parts of the weigher are easy to disassemble (loading hopper, feeder screw and weighing basket) in order to carry out a total cleaning.

The FPK26 bagging machine has the advantage of being able to make a bag without any perforation and prevent any external agent from entering the inside of the bag and affecting the product.

The suction box located next to the machine causes that, by means of two probes, all the air that might incorporate the material as well as the residual air is evacuated to later seal it by impulse welding and forming a bag of good stability and presence.

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