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The IGF1200 bagging machine for Pet Food


The IGF1200 bagging machine
The company Avenal Pet Food, Caldas de Rainha, has been operating in the Portuguese market since 1954, marketing and producing compound feed for animals during the first decades.

From the year 2000, it diversifies its business and begins to produce dry pet food, becoming the first Portuguese company to do so.

Already back in 2011, Boga Técnica began supplying the first automatic bagging machine to fill bags of 2 to 20 kg with the same machine.

In 2014, Bogatécnia supplied the palletizer model PS-3 PS-3A / 21S-4S, a hybrid machine that places the bags using a mechanical gripper and compacts the entire layer with mechanical compactors.

In 2016, Avenal Pet Food, faced with the growing demand for pet food in the country, and with the aim of improving the manufacturing processes of the product, bets on building a new factory in the town of Monte Redondo.

For this new plant, they have once again trusted Boga Técnica and our partner Concetti Group.

Bogatécnica with Concetti, supplies a multi-format line from 1.5 to 20 kg, consisting on an automatic bagging machine model IGF1200, metal detector, weight control with rejection and transporters connecting to the palletizer model PS-3A / 21S-4S.

Bagging machine model IGF1200

The IGF1200 bagging machine allows to work with all kinds of bag materials (paper, plasticized raffia, PE and complex) and close the bags using different types of welding as well as sewing with edging.

The innovative mouth of the patented bagger is self-adjusting to all formats (with or without gussets) whatever their width is.

Automatic line change can be done in as little as 60 seconds without the operator having to make any mechanical adjustments.

From the touch screen of the bagging machine the programs can be changed and automatically the weigher, the bag centering device, the bagging spout, the support band and the palletizer are adjusted.

The production of the line is 900 bags / hour in 15 and 20 kg formats and 1.200 bags / hour in 1,5 and 2 kg bags.

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