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As a constant objective, the development of new products and technologies that meet the demands of our customers, our partner BOCEDI, proposes the new model FB3000, the most practical, efficient and flexible Stretch Hood machine with elastic hood on the market.

FB 3000 is a packaging solution capable of reaching 80 pallets/hour and offering flexible packaging options due to its cartesian type plastic opening that allows working with products of different shapes and sizes and with any type of elastic tubular film.

One of the particularities of this packaging machine is the possibility, by the customer, to assemble two coils with film of different types by dimension, color and thickness. Working with a fully automatic cycle, FB3000 selects the film with which to work without the need for manual intervention in the process of selecting the type of film to apply.

After programming the necessary configurations, the FB3000 model will work autonomously, making possible a production planning while the machine is in service and able to manage all types of execution.

Enfundadora FB3000 Boga Tecnica

Excellencies of FB3000:

Ease of use thanks to new control panel with graphic and intuitive commands

Simplicity of installation, thanks to the many years of experience in the market, has been designed a machine whose installation is easy and fast at the same time.

Comfortable maintenance and guaranteed safety: cyclic maintenance and checks are carried out comfortably at ground level.

Extreme flexibility: it is possible to work with any type of load or pallet format.

Versatility is possible to adapt components according to customer’s special requests.

In addition, thanks to its integrated measuring system, the FB3000 model detects pallet measurements and load height, automatically making a custom hood.

This system guarantees an optimization of the amount of material for the packaging and an ad hoc packaging, to offer a high performance of stability and protection of each load.

Another step forward on the road to smart packaging and industry 4.0.

Enfundadora FB3000 BogaTecnica

Everything you need to know about the Stretch Hood machines

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