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COBADU, the Zamora cooperative made up of 10,400 members and a national benchmark, has become the largest producer of compound feed at a single point, and has selected our company for the renovation of its bagging lines.

Our work and experience in the animal feed sector led COBADU to choose Boga Tecnica as a supplier for the acquisition of the latest bagging lines installed in its plant.

We asked COBADU’s Production Manager, Jaime Duque, to say a few words about the reasons to led him for the change of their bagging lines, as well as his experience with these new lines.

We leave you here the conversation, and we thank both COBADU for their confidence in Boga Técnica and Jaime Duque for his words.


Why did the cooperative decide to invest in three new bagging, palletising and overwrapping lines?

We decided to invest in 3 new lines for a number of important reasons in an effort to continuously improve our production capabilities. This is something that has a direct impact on our production, but its impact results in higher quality and speed for our members.

On the one hand, we have upgraded our bagging lines to provide them with more production capacity. Previously, we only had one robot and one palletiser, with two we increased our efficiency, and we took advantage of this to include a new design of bags and pallets. In this way, we have achieved greater efficiency in logistics, at least 5% with an increase of about 100 kg. With all this, we managed to overcome barriers when it comes to dealing with peak demand from our partners.

Are you satisfied with the equipment supplied by Boga Técnica?

We are very satisfied with the result of the equipment supplied by Boga, the design and installation is never easy, and requires a great deal of dedication to achieve a satisfactory result. Once in operation, it more than meets our expectations both in terms of reliability and production.

How do you see this market and what trends are expected?

We cannot foresee a very distant future, and even less so in the era of change we are living in. At Cobadu, logic and common sense have led us to continue using bags because that is what our partners demand. That is why we have improved everything that revolves around this format: presentation, design… and improved logistics. At Cobadu we are experiencing continuous growth, in line with the needs we are detecting in the field, which is the destination of any of our products.

Speaking about the use of conventional sacks, if we go into big-bags, we have to talk about the star format, which is here to stay due to its convenience, speed, and because it is very easy to handle on farms and crops. In short, we will continue to focus on those formats demanded by our partners, and therefore, on those bagging, palletising and packaging systems that make our production more efficient.

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