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Automatic bagging lines pellet sector


The wood pellet sector continues to be a very significant sector for our company. The 11 lines sold over the last 12 months (most of which have already been installed) are confirmation of this.

The following companies have turned to us in order to install their automated bagging lines: GREEN POWER (Portugal), BIODENSA BIOCUMBUSTIVEIS (Portugal), STELLEP-PRODUÇAO DE PELLETS SA (Portugal), MADERAS DOÑANA (Huelva, Spain), IBERIA BIOMASS (Granada, Spain), TUBOCAS (Granada, Spain), NOVALIA SINERGIE (Barcelona, Spain), BIOVEGAMASA (Léon, Spain) NATURPELLET (Segovia, Spain), GESTAMP BIOMASS SOLUTIONS (Cordoba, Spain) and GRANS DE LLUÇANES (Barcelona, Spain).

The Naturpellet plant is a unique project with a production capacity of 40,000 tons/year.

Naturpellet, which is located in Sanchonuño (Segovia, Spain), consists of Pallets Tama S.L. (a company which manufactures wood packaging and which has its own sawmill) and Calor ERBI S.L. (a national energy services company).

Naturpellet’s automated bagging line is unique in that is fills, palletises and wraps pre-shaped open-mouth bags and not the usual types of bags made from a reel of polyethylene. In this case, we installed an IGF 600 bagging machine for paper bags made from 100% recycled material.

Automatic bagging lines pellet sector


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