23 December, 2020

Phases of a Bagging and Palletizing project

When a potential client contacts Boga Técnica to solve their bagging or palletizing problem, the project phases are divided as follows:   IDENTIFICATION OF THEIR NEED: […]
17 April, 2020

Boga Tecnica during COVID-19 with the considered basic necessities sectors

In a short time, the coronavirus has had a great global impact and has generated a logical feeling of uncertainty for all of us in various […]
16 December, 2015
“Ensacadora UPD-EVO para sacos pinch de 5 a 40 kgs en el cliente Harivasa”

Bagging machines UP EVO for flour sector

The change from the traditional valve bag to a bag which can be given an airtight seal is now a fact within the flour sector. Packaging […]
16 December, 2015

Line of packaging for flours

Our client, HARIVASA, has designed and built a new factory for the production of oatmeal, flour and oat bran, other cereals flakes and breakfast mueslis. This […]