Fertilizers chemical products and salt

25 June, 2021

High-Production BAGGING LINE

HIGH-PRODUCTION BAGGING LINE Boga Técnica installs the fastest bagging line in the pellet sector. Important customer producer of wood pellets in France has trusted Boga Técnica […]
23 December, 2020

Phases of a Bagging and Palletizing project

When a potential client contacts Boga Técnica to solve their bagging or palletizing problem, the project phases are divided as follows:   IDENTIFICATION OF THEIR NEED: […]
17 April, 2020

Boga Tecnica during COVID-19 with the considered basic necessities sectors

In a short time, the coronavirus has had a great global impact and has generated a logical feeling of uncertainty for all of us in various […]
5 September, 2016

3 FEED & FOOD, bagging line for correctors

Automatic bagging and palletizing line The company 3 Feed & Food of Getafe, has designed and built a plant to manufacture vitamin correctors for animal feed. […]
5 September, 2016

Big Bag filling system for FERTIBERIA

Bogatécnica Big Bag filling facility   The Fertiberia Group is a specialist in the manufacture of fertilizers and chemical products. The Fertiberia group has 7 production […]
5 September, 2016

Bagging and palletizing line in the chemical industry

Ercros is an industrial group with a centuries-old tradition diversified into three areas of activity: Division of Chlorine Derivatives, Division of Intermediate Chemistry and Pharmacy Division. It […]