28 January, 2021

Packaging line for the pellets sector

PELLET BAGGING LINE INSTALLATION IN CHILE Grupo Forestal Río Claro contacted us, Boga Técnica, to install a bagging line at its new pellet plant in the […]
23 December, 2020

Phases of a Bagging and Palletizing project

When a potential client contacts Boga Técnica to solve their bagging or palletizing problem, the project phases are divided as follows:   IDENTIFICATION OF THEIR NEED: […]
30 November, 2020
Bogatecnica Ensacadora IGF 600

IGF 600 Bagging machine

Boga Tecnica, proposed the IGF 600, automatic bagging machine for preformed open mouth bags. The IGF 600 bagging machine is reliable and robust and also handles […]
17 April, 2020

Boga Tecnica during COVID-19 with the considered basic necessities sectors

In a short time, the coronavirus has had a great global impact and has generated a logical feeling of uncertainty for all of us in various […]
5 September, 2016

Installation of the Kwatt Bois bagging line

Following many failed attempts, we can finally confirm that pellets are being produced in the Ariège region of France (Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées) by the company, Kwatt Bois, a […]
16 December, 2015

Automatic bagging lines pellet sector

The wood pellet sector continues to be a very significant sector for our company. The 11 lines sold over the last 12 months (most of which […]
16 December, 2015

Big Bag installation for pellets

The wood pellet market in Spain looks as though it is finally finding its place and it is now a real, clean energy alternative to fuel […]