SYNGENTA, a multinational at the field service

The Syngenta Company, a specialist in the agriculture sector, is present in the world in more than 90 countries, employing 28.000 people. Its main businesses are seeds and pesticides.

In Spain, Syngenta has two production centers to develop its activity:

1- in Porriño (Galicia) are specialists in the formulation and packaging of agrochemicals

2- in Carmona (Sevilla), they carry out the production of oilseeds for sowing.

At the Carmona’s plant, Boga Técnica and Concetti have supplied a new bagging, palletizing and packaging line to carry out Syngenta’s tasks.

In Carmona, the client mainly packs corn, barley, sunflower and colza in formats from 3,5 to 25 kg. The level of filling of the bags varies greatly due to the bulk density of the products & bag formats, and that makes palletizing a fundamental point.

4-column robotic palletizer

After the analysis of the level of density filling made by Boga Tecnica and Concetti and once it was concluded that palletizing is the fundamental point in the Carmona plant, we decided that the best thing for this plant was to install the 4-column robotic palletizer with compactors in lateral and frontal.

Prior to palletizing, an external weight contr

ol is included to verify that bags are within the tolerance set by the customer.

The line of the 4-column robotic palletizer with side and front compactors is composed of a rotating pallet wrapper with top sheet.

envolvedora de pallet giratorio -bogatecnica

We leave you the link of the video that Boga Técnica has created so that you can see the complete installation that we made of the 4-column robotic palletizing.