SIRO. A new bagging line for substrates with Flow Pack technology

“Ensacadora de lámina con tecnología Vertical Flow Pack.”

“'Flat reel bagging machine with Vertical Flow Pack technology.” Bogatecnica

“’Flat reel bagging machine with Vertical Flow Pack technology.”

The leading Portuguese substrates company, LEAL & SOARES, working under the brand name SIRO with Hobby and Professional lines, has started up its latest bagging and palletising line supplied by Boga Técnica. The line will be used to bag earth for gardens in 5, 10, 20, 45 and 70 litre formats. The company can also supply 25 litre bags of horticultural substrates and 30 litre bags of hydroponic substrates.

This is the fourth line to be set up at SIRO ( and it has significant technical differences in comparison to earlier models.

The main difference is in the bagging system since it uses Vertical Flow Pack technology, a CONTINUOUS clamp system. The clamp’s main upward, downward, opening and closing movements are controlled by independent brushless engines controlled by an industrial PC.

Yield with this model is very high. For example, 32 bags/minute in the 20 litre format or 22 bags/minute in the 70 litre format.

The volume-based filling machine, which is very flexible as well as quick and precise, can work with these products (turf, substrates and pine-tree bark) without the need for any mechanical adjustments.

Following the bagging machine and prior to the palletiser, we find the accessories which make the planting and drainage holes for the bags of substrate. These consist of interchangeable sheets of dies depending on the shape and number of holes to be made.

The first section of the palletiser includes the filling line (which fills and increases the speed at which the bags move onto the palletiser) and the conveyor belt. The rest of the line consists of a double rotation system with a speed regulator in order to achieve maximum precision, a layer push system driven by belts and mechanical compactors.