RAÇOES AVENAL, the pioneer of pet food portuguese, takes the plunge.


Raçoes Avenal, located in Caldas de Rainha, is a company that has been present in the Portuguese market since 1954. During its fist few decades, the company commercialised and produced compound animal feed.

In the year 2000, the company started a process of business diversification and began producing dry pet food. It was the first Portuguese company to do so.

In 2011, Boga Técnica began supplying Raçoes Avenal with its first piece of bagging equipment for bags ranging from 2 to 20 kg in weight, all done with the same machine. In 2014, it supplied a PS-3 PS-3A/21S-4S model palletiser. This is a hybrid machine which positions bags using mechanical pincers and compacts the complete layer with mechanical compactors.

In 2016, in response to increasing local demand for pet food and with the aim of ensuring continuous improvement in product manufacturing processes, Raçoes Acenal decided to build a new manufacturing plant in the Monte Redondo area.

The company has once again turned to Boga Técnica and our partner, the Concetti Group, with reference to this new plant. Specifically, a multi-format line, ranging from 1.5 kg to 20 kg, and consisting of an IGF1200 automatic bagging machine, a metal detector, a weight control and reject system and PS-3A/21S-4S palletiser union conveyors.

The IGF1200 model can work with bags made from all types of materials (paper, plastic-coated raffia, PE and complex materials) and bags are sealed using different types of weld and sewn edges.

The bagging line’s innovative patented mouth self-adjusts to all formats (with and without gussets), irrespective of the width. The line can be changed automatically in just 60 seconds without the operator having to carry out any mechanical adjustments. The bagging line programme can be changed using the touch-screen and the weighing system, bag placing system, bagging mouth, support conveyor and palletiser all adjust automatically.

Throughput is 900 bags/hour in the 15 kg and 20 kg sizes and 1,200 bags/hour in the 1.5 kg and 2 kg sizes.