5 September, 2016

ERCROS – a range of chemical industry products

Ercros is an industrial group with a centuries-old tradition diversified into three areas of activity: Division of Chlorine Derivatives, Division of Intermediate Chemistry and Pharmacy Division. It […]
16 December, 2015

SIRO. A new bagging line for substrates with Flow Pack technology

The leading Portuguese substrates company, LEAL & SOARES, working under the brand name SIRO with Hobby and Professional lines, has started up its latest bagging and […]
16 December, 2015

MAXIPET. A complete line for pet food

Maxipet Lda (Happy One) is the new company established by our client, Raçoes Zezere, in Portugal. It now has a complete bagging line and palletiser for […]
16 December, 2015

Harivasa. Flour for human consumption

The change from the traditional valve bag to a bag which can be given an airtight seal is now a fact within the flour sector. Packaging […]
16 December, 2015

Harivenasa: a complete line for outmeal and muesli

Our client, HARIVASA, has designed and built a new factory for the production of oatmeal, flour and oat bran, other cereals flakes and breakfast mueslis. This […]
16 December, 2015

New horizontal bagging press: chopped straw

A new horizontal bagging and press machine, model HDB800G, for use with dust-free chopped straw suitable for animal bedding and feed, was installed at ALEJANDRO MONTES […]
16 December, 2015

Biomass: 11 x 12

The wood pellet sector continues to be a very significant sector for our company. The 11 lines sold over the last 12 months (most of which […]
16 December, 2015

Biomass: A bagging lines for wood pellets

The wood pellet market in Spain looks as though it is finally finding its place and it is now a real, clean energy alternative to fuel […]