New horizontal bagging press: chopped straw

“Prensa ensacadora modelo HDB800G y ejemplo de balas de paja picada y alfalfa”


A new horizontal bagging and press machine, model HDB800G, for use with dust-free chopped straw suitable for animal bedding and feed, was installed at ALEJANDRO MONTES MUÑOZ en Villodrigo (Palencia, Spain). The machine has some significant differences in comparison with earlier models.

In fact, each press is designed and manufactured specifically for the product to be compresses, taking into account density, product humidity levels, size and the desired bale size in kilos.

For example, in the case of chopped straw, since it weighs very little and is a very complex product in terms of behaviour when being compressed, the press needed to include a compression pre-chamber. Once the product has been weighed on the scales, the straw moves on to the chamber where it will be compressed from various directions and it will later be transported to a second chamber in which final compression  takes place and the bale is made.

In order to complete the entire cycle, a 75km hydraulic pump with a total of 6 compression cylinders and magnetoresistive sensors are necessary in order to get complete control of the cycle with its proportional valves. The compression chamber has a capacity of 1,000 litres.

The press and bagging machine is now producing various bale sizes ranging from 15 kg up to 22 kg and it also products other types of fodder such as sainfoin, alfalfa, hay, etc.

'HDB800G press and bagging machine and some bales of chopped straw and alfalfa.'

‘HDB800G press and bagging machine and some bales of chopped straw and alfalfa.’