KWATT BOIS. At long last, a wood pellet manufacturer situated in the French Pyrenees.

Ensacadora modelo FPK44, paletizador de capas por alto nivel modelo PG-80 y enfundadora de film estirable modelo FB-1000.


Following many failed attempts, we can finally confirm that pellets are being produced in the Ariège region of France (Languedoc-Roussillon-Midi-Pyrénées) by the company, Kwatt Bois, a branch of Bois Génération Avenir.

This holding company which was established by two family-run businesses, Forestis and CEM, in order to run both a sawmill and a biomass plant all from one single facility, will manufacture solid wood pellets for Forestis’ funeral services and supply the future manufacturing plant with heat. For its part, CEM will produce hydraulic and photovoltaic energy.

The project was fully launched in 2013. An total investment of 22 million euros was made – 15 million euros for the co-generation plant and 7 million euros for the pellet factory. This has generated 20 direct and 45 indirect jobs.

With regards to the latter, BOGA TECNICA was responsible for installing the bagging line and annual production is estimated to be 21,000 tons.

With an hourly production of 12 tons, the bagging line includes an FPK44 bagging machine, a PG-80 high-level layer palletiser and a FB-1000 stretch film sleeving machine. The bagging machine is situated on the upper level along with the main part of the plant’s machines (granulators, mills, etc.) and where the operator carries out most of the maintenance tasks.

Given its geographical location, and taking into account that the south of France has a wood pellet production deficit, Kwatt Bois will have no trouble at all in selling those 21,000 tons. Furthermore, its proximity to the city of Toulouse is also a strong point for local sales.