FERTIBERIA. Installation of a Big Bag filling machine with a weld seal for urea


Fertiberia Bogatecnica

The Fertiberia Group specialises in the manufacture of fertilisers and chemical products.

The company has 7 production plants in Spain, 3 in Algeria and 2 in Portugal with a total production capacity of ten million tons. It mainly manufactures ammonias, ammonium nitrates, ammonium phosphate and nitric acid.

As a result of increasing customer demand for Fertiberia’s products in Big Bag format, we supplied the Fertiberia-Palos de la Frontera plant with a Big Bag filling machine for urea made by the company we represent, the Concetti Group.

The machinery was treated using a specific fertiliser anti-corrosion treatment:

  • Loading/unloading hoppers in stainless steel
  • Gravity feed system in stainless steel
  • Filling neck with products in stainless steel
  • Roller conveyor in stainless steel
  • Nuts, bolts and pneumatic cylinders in stainless steel
  • Electrovalve protection units in plastic
  • Electrical panel in stainless steel and IP55 protection.
  • A coat of anti-corrosion paint on all sections made from carbon steel

The equipment has the following capacity:

  • Up to 100 Big Bags/hour in the 600 kg format
  • Up to 60 Big Bags/hour in the 1,000 kg format

Furthermore, once the product has been bagged, the Big Bag can be welded in order to create an airtight seal.

The machine also has Big Bag stackable pallets and was supplied complete with a suction and filter system.