Campoastur: Conventional feed and ecological feed

The COOPERATIVA CAMPOASTUR (Asturias) was established in 2012; being its members:

  3. COSEA


most of CAMPOASTUR’S members have more than 50 years of history in the agricultural and livestock sector.

Campoastur, offers a whole global supply in the AGRO-RANCHER field to its cooperatives:

  • agricultural supplies
  • agricultural stores
  • supermarkets
  • gas stations
  • Vehicle workshop
  • cider production
  • a bean selection plant


CAMPOASTUR also has two production plants, which are the main engine of the Cooperative, such as the conventional feed plant and the organic feed plant.

Campo Astur Bogatécnica

The Campoastur Conventional Feed factory works under the Nugan brand

Nugan (Livestock Nutrition) offers a complete range of products for farm animals (dairy cattle, beef cattle, pigs, poultry, sheep, goats) in a conventional (non-ecological) system that covers all the needs and productive cycles of animals.

Nugan feed formulations are geared towards professional livestock, where production yields are very important, and that is why food is rich in cereals and provides the energy necessary for animals to produce while being healthy.

Nugan products are presented in flours, granules of different sizes and tacos camperos.

Nugan has a wide range of packages of 10, 25 and 40 Kg in paper bags and plasticized raffia, 1000kg Big Bags and bulks that can be supplied by tanker trucks or by mobile floors depending on the farmer’s needs.

Automatic bagging system

For this conventional feed plant, Boga Tecnica has replaced an old bagging system that the client had, with a new and modern automatic bagging system, model IGF600 from our Concetti supplier for the 3 formats and products mentioned above.

sistema de ensacado automático modelo IGF600 Bogatécnica


With the change of the bagging system that Boga Técnica has carry out, the client has achieved:

  1. Safety and health at work
  2. It has achieved a great work performance, where the change from one product to another or to a different bag, just takes a minute to do it.

Automated bagging and palletizing line

On the other hand, Campoastur has been supplying Organic Feed to different farms in Spain and Portugal for 15 years under the EcoFeed brand.

EcoFeed Bogatécnica

This task is not simple because, among other things, the company and the installation must be registered and reviewed by the Regulatory Council of Ecological Production, and the plant must be totally independent and dedicated to that end.

The raw materials, likewise, must come entirely from organic farming and in the distribution of organic feed, contamination with other products must be avoid to ensure traceability.

With the aim of promoting this plant, Campoastur decides to automate the bagging and palletizing line as demand grows more and more every day.

Boga supplies a bagging system for all formats, and a palletizing robot system with double clamp (pick up the empty pallet and then the corresponding bag).

robot paletizador doble pinza-bogatecnica

Here you have the link to the video that Boga Técnica has created so that everyone can see the installation of the bagged and palletized system.