Bagging press for wood


Boga Tecnica, received a new challenge:

ALICEN – Alistonados del Centro- is a company located in Navahermosa, in the province of Toledo (Spain).

Alicen’s activity is the manufacture of wood panelling made of radiata pine for packaging, construction, carpentry and DIY among others.

The basis of its great success these years has been based on:

  • Use of Premium wood, obtained from forests where the best species of insigne pine are found
  • A large and continued investment in machinery to meet all quality controls.
  • Local and international expansion through an extensive distribution network able to reach anywhere in the world.

Alicen has more than 6,500m2 of industrial hall completed with a raw material warehouse where more than 8,500m3 of pine wood are always located.

As a result of the manufacturing process of panelling, a huge amount of waste, mainly wood chips, is generated.

To manage this process, the company AIRIN was created, whose activity is the packaging and marketing of chips bullets to be used as a horse bed.

For the challenge we had, at Boga Técnica we had to study well, both the activity of the company AIRIN, and the limitations.

AIRIN’s wood chip production had the following limitations:

  • Maximum 2 bullets/minute.
  • The weight of the bullets was not constant.
  • Little compaction of the product inside the bullet.
  • Large maintenance cost of the bagging machine.

AIRIN presented its limitations and showed us its facilities. Boga Técnica, after studying the limitations and seeing pros and cons, showed AIRIN different facilities with the solution of the press-bagging that our company has been setting up in recent years (press bagging model HDB800).

After the assembly of the bagging press by our technicians, the production of AIRIN has had a great change, based on the advantages of the HDB8000 bagging press

  • Production has doubled, i.e., works reliably between 4 and 5 bullets/min
  • Exact weight of the 18-20 kg bullet.
  • Bale compaction by 2 pistons = very good bullet finish
  • Minimization of press maintenance.

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