3 FEED & FOOD. A bagging line for supplements


3 Feed & Food, located in Getafe (Madrid), has designed and built a plant for the manufacture of animal feed vitamin supplements.

Boga Técnica supplied the automated bagging line and palletiser for the products. The line includes screw conveyor feeder scales, a flat reel FPK26 bagging machine, a bag rotation and press machine, and a gantry robot palletiser.

All machine parts which come into contact with the product, both on the scales and in the bagging machine, were manufactured using 316 grade stainless steel. Additionally, and in order to avoid material cross-contamination, all sections of the scales are easily removable (loading hopper, screw conveyor feeder and weighing trolley) so that it can be thoroughly cleaned.

The FPK26 bagging machine has the advantage of being able to fill bags without the need for perforations and avoid foreign bodies getting into the bag and affecting the product. The suction duct situated next to the machine means that all the air which may have got into the material plus any residual air, is removed. It is then sealed with an impulse weld, creating a stable and attractive bag.